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since 2006​

We are at your service!


The philosophy behind DMH’s service is simple: to provide our clients with the most poised, professional staff and combine it with exceptional customer service that is second to none.

And what does DMH stand for? ‘Designing Memorable Hospitality’ of course!
















President & Owner Donald Haddad


is originally from Quebec but has been living in Vancouver for the past several years. He has worked in the Food/Beverage and Hospitality Industry for over 20 years. Since 2004, he has been consulting as a customer service expert in hospitality. His clients have ranged from high-end hotels such as Rosewood Resorts to exclusive private facilities such as the Vancouver Club. Donald’s commitment to the Hospitality industry has also led him to create and develop training manuals to standardize service in high-end properties. Also a film actor for 10 years, Donald was recently able to combine these passions while consulting on ‘Godiva’s’ restaurant television show, filmed here in Vancouver. Now with DMH where we have dubbed him the ‘King of the creative analogies’, this warm engaging personality will benefit both employees and clients alike as Donald works with them to create the perfect service solutions.




















Here at DMH we are pleased to offer our clients full scale staffing and training services 365 days a year....
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